Sandee Shaffer Johnson


Formal Education


1997-1999    Art Studies, BKO Kunst School, Brussels (Overijse), Belgium

1973 BA        Randolph Macon Woman’s College, Lynchburg, VA

1975 MS       Florida State University, Tallahassee, FLA

1976               Art graduate studies, Universidad de las Americas, Cholulu, Mexico


Additional Arts Education


 Independent Study, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; Residency program, Balatonfured, Hungary (HMC); 2 separate residences, Gallery 24, Berlin, Germany;one year sabbatical painting all over Europe; employed as an art teacher in Bucaramanga, Colombia; art workshops in San Sano, Italy; Bonn, Germany; gave workshop in Giverny, France; workshops in Goldegg, Austria; Castillo San Rafael, Spain; Coupeville Art Center, WA.; Arrowmont School of Art, TN.; Bellevue College Art Dept., Bellevue, WA.; Arts Workshop Series, Menucha, OR.; Kanuga Watermedia; Wildacres, Ringling School of Art; Springmaid Myrtle Beach; Cullowhee Mountain Arts Workshops; Berlin master residency with Inez Fritschy; residency, Art Annex:St. Louis, Missouri and San Fidel, New Mexico; residencies at Baupres Gallery, Mazatlan, Mexico; 360 Xochi Quetzal personal residency, Chapala, Mexico






2024     Botanica, Eveleth Green Gallery, Gallery One, Ellensburg, WA

2023     Confluence,  Aurora Loop Gallery,  Port Townsend, WA

2023     SummerWall (virtual) Budapest, Hungary

2021    OpenWall (virtual) Budapest, Hungary

2021     Pen & Ink, Grover Gallery, Port Townsend, WA

2021       ArtWall  Women, (virtual)Budapest, Hungary

2020      ArtWall, Robinson Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2019      Color,  Baupres Baupres Gallery,  Mazatlan, Mexico

2017      Palazzo del'Annunzia, Matera del'Annunzia, Italy

2017      America on Edge, Upstairs Gallery, Tryon Tryon, NC

2017     To Live is to Create, Bower Center for the Arts, Bedford, VA

2017      Holy Gospel of the Free Market, Portiuncula Guild, Bedford, VA

2017     Palazzo del’Annunzia, Matera, Italy

2016     Skin Deep, A.A. Bakhrushin Theatre Museum, Moscow, Russia

2016     Botanica, Arboretum Education Ctr. Asheville, NC

2014     Proliferation: The Art of Sandee Johnson, Andrew Charles Gallery, Asheville, NC

2013     Masks, Africa House, Lynchburg, VA. 

2010     Four Facets, Academy of Fine Arts, Lynchburg, VA

2010     Inspired by Africa, Africa House, Lynchburg, VA

2007     Day Bright, Gallery 24, New York, NY

2004/5   Musique, Passage du Nord, Brussels, Belgium

2004      Politicide, Salon Berlin, Artline Berlin, Germany

2004/5    Retrospective, Gallery 24, Berlin, Germany

2003/6     Château d'Argenteuil, Brussels, Belgium

2006      Le Souffle de L'Esprit, Salles Royales, Eglise de la Madeleine,

                  Paris, France

2006    A Study in Contrasts, Beeld en Kunst, Lovenjoel, Belgium

2004     Vessels, Gallery Charlotte Van Lorreinen, Brussels, Belgium

2003    Classical Renditions, Gallerie Kwart Cirkel, Brussels, Belgium

2003     Detail Abstrait, Gallerie de Madeleine, Brussels, Belgium

1998     Collage Rétrospective, Gallérie Trièdre, Ohain, Belgium

1998     Photo Journey, St. John’s International, Waterloo, Belgium

1997     Gallérie L N'est Pas C, Genval, Belgium

1995    Invitational One Woman Show, Lake Oswego, OR

1995     Retrospective, White Bird Gallery, Cannon Beach, OR

1995    Works on Paper, Sidney Gallery, Port Orchard, WA

1995     A Retrospective, Photographic Image Gallery, Tacoma, WA

1994      State of the Arts Gallery, Olympia, WA

1993     Past and Present, City Hall, Federal Way, WA

1992     Contrasts, Handforth Gallery, Tacoma, WA 



2024      Crossing Borders GAP, Nine Eighteen Nine Gallery, Charlotte, NC

2024      Crossing Borders GAP, Westbeth Gallery, NYC, NY

2024        Women of Global Art Project, San Ramon Art Ctr, San Ramon, CA

2023       Frags and Flargen, GAP, Gallery Artisjok, Lier, Belgium

2023        Process, invitational show, Aurora Loop Gallery, Port Townsend, WA

2023       Fresh Talent, Bainbridge Arts and Crafts, Bainbridge, WA

2023      Invitational, Summer Gallery Wall, (virtual) Hungary

2023      Love Explodes in Red, GAP, Margian Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

2023     What's This Thing Called Love? Aurora  Loop Gallery, Port Townsend, WA

2023     Collage Collection Musee Artcolle, Plemet, France

2023     The Exquisite Corpse, Aurora Loop Gallery, Port Townsend, WA

2022      Dislocations: Artists' Books, GAP, Lafeyette Public Library, Lafayette, CA

2022      invitational Group Collection, Musee ArtColle, Plemet, France

2022     The Drawing Box, Diablo Valley College, Diablo , CA

2022      Invitational, Wall Support of Ukraine (virtual) Hungary

2021     37th Annual Juried Exhibition, National Collage Society (virtual)

2021       Printmaker's Hand V,  Northwind Art Center, Port Townsend, WA

2021      Rhythm of  Light, PNW Fiber and Quilt Museum, La   Conner,  WA

2021        Lost Words, Northwind Art Center, Port Townsend, WA

2021     Collage Art, Retro Avangarda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2021     Rhythm of Light, juried, PNW Fiber and Quilt Museum, La Conner, WA

2021    Paste, Paper, Scissors, juried, Lynn Hanson Gallery, Seattle, WA

2020     Pandemic, ArtWall, Budapest, Hungary

2020     Women of GAP,  Gallerie Renee Marie, Benicia, CA

2020       NWCS,  Collaging Through a Pandemic,  (virtual) 

 2020      ArtWall Flow/Summer Flow, selected virtual, Budapest, Hungary

2020      Just Passing Through, Juried, Northwind Art Center, Port Townsend, WA

2020      Collage Art, Juried, RetroAvangarda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2020    Paradigm Art Expo, Budapest, Hungary

2019    Selected Collection Exhibition, Collage Museum, Pleumet, France

2019    No Mind, Global Art Project, East Village Art View Gallery, NYC NY

2019     Botanicals, Carolina Art Gallery, Highland, NC

2018.    ArtWall 101, K11 Art & Cultur Ctr. Budapest, Hungary 

2018    Visual Strategies, Clearwater Gallery, Concord, NC

2018     Juried, OSTEN4ART, OSTEN Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia

2018     Environment, Juried, DUAL Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2018  .  Quadrafuss, Juried, Gallery 66, St Fidel, NM

2018     Radar II, Harrison-Lobdell Gallery, Sarasota Springs, NY

2018      Juried exhibition, Asheville Arts Council, Asheville NC

2018     Radar, Juried NAWA, Arterly 160 Gallery, Boston, MA

2017     Juried, NCS Exhibition, Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights, Il.

2017-18   With Our Eyes Open, Thompson Gallery, Cambridge, Weston, MA

2017-18    4th “Enter into Art,” Traveling exhibition in Germany, Bad Breisig, Bonn-Konigswinter, Cologne,       Weissenthrum, Kobern-Gondorf

2017     Awagami Print Exhibition, Hall Awa, Tokushima, Japan

2017     Global Art Project, Baupres Gallery, Mazatlan, Mexico 

2017     Works on Paper, Coffey & Thompson, Charlotte, NC

2016.    Botanica, Juried NAWAm Cahoon Museum, Cotuit, MA

2016     Rise Up, Juried, Mansion at Strathmore, Bethesda, MD

2016     Continuum, NAWA, Juried, Fountain Street Fine Art,          Framington, MA

2016      ARTE  International, Palazzo del’Annunziata, Matera, Italy

2016      12X 12, Quadrafuss, NX2, Berlin, Germany

2015     Award, National Collage Society Juried Exhibition

2015       WIA,  Juried  “Artists and Poetry” WSAC Broadway Mall NYC

2015     ISEA Juried Show,  Dennos Museum Ctr. Traverse City MI 

2015     Invitational artist, Alizarin Galler, Durham, NC  

2015     4 Invitational exhibitions, Andrew Charles Gallery, Asheville, NC

2014     ISEA Juried Exhibition, NWS Gallery, San Pedro, CA

2014     Library Thoughts 4, Hegyvidek Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2014     Multiple Invitational themed shows, Andrew Charles Gallery, Asheville, NC

2014     Hot and Cold, juried, Gallery 310, Asheville, NC

2014     ISEA juried International Exchange, Big Arts Center, Sanibel Island, Florida

2014     ISEA juried International Exchange, NWS, San Pedro, CA

2014     ISEA juried International Exchange, Art Central, Barry, Wales

2014     River of Art 2, WIA, Gallery 310, Asheville NC      

2013     NIJIIRO, invitational international exhibition, Castel dell’Ovo Gallery, Naples, Italy

2013     SDA exhibition, Gallery SaySi, San Antonio, Texas

2013     Transfiber and Paper, Juried, Concourse Gallery, Upper Arlington, Ohio

2013    Desert in Bloom, International Paper Biennial, Juried, Beer-Shava Artists House, Beer-Sheva, Israel

2013     La Liberte est un collage, Centre Culturel Tcheque, Paris, France

2013    Home and Habitat, WIA, New York Public Library, Riverside, NYC

2013     ISEA/NWS Wales International Exhibit, juried, traveling show  

2013     ISEA 22nd Annual International Art Exhibit, juried, Philips Gallery, Sanibel Island 

2013     Invited artist, Gallery Asheville, Asheville, NC 

2013    Blooming Desert, Ein Afeq, near Haifa, Israel

2013     Juried, National Collage Society Annual Exhibition 

2012-11     Atelier Gallery, Asheville, NC

2011     Atelier Gallery, Charleston, SC   

2011   Digital Unity, ANNEX:art, Berlin and Lubzow, Germany

2011    River of Art From NY to Asheville, 310 Gallery, Asheville, NC

2011.   WIA exhibit, Callahan Gallery, St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY

2011     Juried, Library Thoughts, Raday Konyveshaz Gallery, Budapest

2011     One World, Traveling Exhibit, Manila Philippines and elsewhere

2011      Lab AD, BECA, award winner, New Studio AD, Albuquerque, NM

2011     Wild Ones and Wax, 310 Art Gallery, Asheville, NC 

2010     Paperoad, IAPMA, Juried, Seoul, Korea

2010     Collage International, Juried, Loft Galerie, Paris, France 

2010.     Initiative de Peinture, Musée de Poste, Paris, France

2010     Cartasia Biennale d’Art, Lucca, Italy

2007-13     Amateras Juried Exhibition, Art Alley Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2010      Juried IAPMA Exhibit, Art Genève, Geneva, Switzerland

2006-13     International Collage, Juried, Art Colle, Hauts de Belleville, Paris

2009    12 X 12 X 122,   BECA Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2009     International Invitational Calligraphic Exhibit, Seoul, Korea

2009    Juried, High Fiber, Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson, Arizona

2009    Juried, Paper Art Exhibition, Amateras Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2009     Juried, Paper Global, Stadtmuseum, Deggendorf, Germany

2009     My Paper, My Land, Creative Paper Gallery, Burnie, Tasmania

2008     International  Salons, SIAC 2008, Marseille, France

2008     Art Collage, Invitational, Schaerbeek Hotel Communal, Brussels

2007     Juried, Psalms International, Beith Ariela Gallery, Bible Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

2006     International Dialogue of Calligraphers, Beijing, China

2006     Korean Hanji Festival, Jeon-Buk Ctr., Jeonju City, Korea

2006.    HMC, EU Gallery, Central European Cultural Institute, Budapest

2006.    Juried, International Salon, Galerie Gradska, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2006     Juried, Art International Shanghai. Shanghaimart, China

2006     International Collaboration, Galleri Nytorget, Stockholm, Sweden

2006      Keki Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2006     Juried, SupreMADIsm, National Ctr Contemporary Arts, Moscow

2005/6    API, Centre Culturel de Woluwe St. Pierre, Brussels, Belgium

2006/8     Mobil MADI Museum, Gyor Hungary and Bratislava, Slovakia

2005     East and West, Gallery Ginza, Himawari, Tokyo, Japan

2005      Movement MADI International, Galerie Orion, Paris, France

2005       Monarch Park and Gallery, Olympia, WA

2005     Selected artist, auction, Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary

2004-6   Selected artist, Galerie Themax, Geneva, Switzerland

2005-7   Juried, Embarquement pour la Paix, Jeruselum, Israel, Hôtel George V, Paris; Nice, Marseille, Aix-en Provence, Vézelay , France

2002-6    Salle Royale, l'église de la Madeleine, Paris, France

2005           International Assemblage Art Exhibition, Berlin, Germany

2004-6     Galerie Kwart Cirkel, Brussels, Belgium

2004-6     Juried shows, Pepperton Gallery, London, England

2004-8      Gallerie Varmes, Geneva, Switzerland

2004/3      Juried, Showcase winner, Manhattan Arts, New York, NY

2004-6       EUROP'ART, Expo Center, Geneva, Switzerland

2004         Juried photo show, Pen and Brush Inc., New York, NY

2004       IAPMA exhibition, Sori Arts Center, Korea

 2004       Juried, The Erotic Nude, Greeley Square Gallery, New York, NY

2004        Red Room Gallery, Balatonfured, Hungary

2004       Juried exhibition, Centre Culturel Bellreguard, Gandia, Spain

2004       Juried, L'Orangerie du Château des Célestins, Marcoussis, France

2003       Featured artist, Gallerie GNG, Paris, France

2003/4    Juried, Galerie L'Amis des Lettres, Bordeaux, France

2003       API, Vertebra Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2003-1    State of the Arts Gallery, Olympia, WA

2001-5   White Bird Gallery, Cannon Beach, ORE

2001       Echoes from the Past, Tuggerangong Art Ctr. Canberra, Australia

2001-9   LVG-Rotating artwork in corporations in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, England, Holland 

2001-5     Brussels Art Connection, Traveling Exhibit in Belgium

1998     Juried, Camera 98, Knokke-Duinbergen, Belgium

1998      Artistieke ontmoetingen met de Britse Gemeenschap, Brussels

1996      Invitational artist, Milner Gallery, Gig Harbor, WA

1996       Featured artist, White Dove Gallery, Tacoma, WA

1996         NLAPW Juried show, Charles Sumner Museum, Washington DC

1995/6    Juried, Washington Ctr for the Performing Arts, Olympia WA

1995/6     Featured artist, The Collection Gallery, Seattle, WA

1995-7    Featured artist, Aesthetics Gallery, Tacoma, WA

1995/6    Photographic Image Gallery, Portland, OR

1994/3     Juried shows, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA

1994            NLAPW Juried Show, Cork Gallery, Lincoln Ctr. New York, NY






2013 L’art du collage au cœur de la creation, Paris, France

2013-2015 Dictionaire des collagistes contemporains

2012 La Liberte e’st un collage

2006-9       L'art du collage a l'aube du 21eme siècle, Books I and III

1995-2012 Multiple international and national exhibition catalogs

2005 Personal interview, Art Interview on Line Magazine, Edition 002, Berlin, Germany, international coverage 

2003-2015 Countless international press articles and features

2006-9 International Graphics Fine Art Collection

2005 Photographe, Baiser de Pierre Craintive, L'Harmattan, Paris 

2002 Poetry of Color, solo photographer, gold prize-winning calendar, Progress Printing, US

2001 North American Indian Myth collection, solo artist, Brussels 

1998 Camera 98, Solo selected photographer, Catalog, Knokke- Duinbergen. Belgium

1996 Cover and featured artist, Spring/Summer issue, "Visuel"





Mobil MADI Museum, Gyor/Budapest Hungary

Andreas Bocelli, Italy (internationally acclaimed singer)

Ambassador and Mrs. Martin Cheshes (American)

Ambassador and Mrs. Alex Brooking (Australian)

Ambassador Lars and Mrs. Widgemark (Swedish) 

Mr. and Mrs. James Graff, Bureau Chief, Time Magazine, Paris, France

Winning Juried selection, Embarquement pour la Paix, Permanent collection, Film Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

Galerie Kwart Cirkel, Brussels, Belgium

Musee Artcolle, Plemet, Bretagne, France

Collections of Mary Todd Beam and Gerald Brommer (prominent artists)  




Exhibited in hundreds of public spaces and businesses on a rotating basis with LVG based in Brussels, Belgium.  Work is still being displayed and for sale in Paris, France; Luxembourg; London, England; Amsterdam, Holland; Berlin, Germany; Brussels, Belgium 


Represented for reproduction of the series “Vessels” by Graphics International in Germany.  Work is currently being produced for posters, on canvas and also for wallpaper through a Swedish firm in London.  




Gallery Charlotte van Lorreinen, Brussels (Tervuren) Belgium

Baupres Gallery, Mazatlan, Mexico

Attic Gallery, Vicksburg, Mississippi





* My artwork can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Middle East but most records were lost in the final move from Europe to the United States in 2008.