28 x 35 1/2
Mixed Media on Canvas

This passionate series revolves around systematic sexual abuse that has evolved in every generation and can happen to females (and the male gender) of any age. Incest, rape, human trafficking, torture and a proliferation of other crimes against babies, adolescents, adults and even the elderly continue to scar our psyche, morality and very existence. Yes, I am the victim of sexual abuse on several levels and layers; these attacks shaped my life like it has for every other innocent victim. Though my particular renditions feature the feminine perspective, they are not alone as the recipients of unwanted attention of the worst kind.
I utilize my thoughts and free verse along with my photography, historical ephemera, fiber, handmade papers and miscellaneous elements to compose these representative snapshots of personal horrors. As a raging by-product of contemporary society, these date rapes, gropings, sexual innuendos, workplace harassment and even Presidential statements continue to reawaken that secret shame, echoing and repeating those silent memories. I have no hope that it will ever end, at least during my lifetime. As an artist, I believe we need to politicize this outrage.

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